I’ve always struggled with frail and brittle hair, partly because of my genetic inheritance and partly due to a hormone imbalance. In my early twenties I tried every new expensive “wonder-shampoo” I heard about, but none helped and some made things even oiler. Eventually I realized that we can correct almost all our health issues with a balanced diet, and my hair finally got the easiest medicine it needed – nourishing food.

A Healthy Hair Smoothie with Blueberry + Kale A healthy diet contains all the macronutrients, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins your body needs for staying in a good health and maintain nourished skin, nails and hair. Too many hair treatments have the negative effect of accumulating parabens, colorants, synthetic perfumes and other chemicals within our cells, which may cause hormone imbalance, auto-immune diseases or even chronic diseases. I only use a mild shampoo which I dilute before applying, I rinse my hair with apple cider vinegar, and nourish it with a cold pressed oil (I alternate coconut with avocado).

I also nourish my hair from inside out, with a varied diet rich in fresh greens, fruits, vegetables and nuts. Even when I am in a hurry I make a smoothie and include all of the above. I seldom consume dairy because I noticed it influences my hormone production and changes my skin and hair quality. Instead, I love to add a nourishing vegan milk into my morning smoothie for a velvet-like texture and extra nutrients.